Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Joys of Summer Parents

So this summer so far has not been the quintessential after high school/pre college super fantabulous summer, I'm not gonna lie. I'm stuck at home searching for a job and grounded until I get one. It doesn't really matter that I actually got three jobs: one selling knives that I'm not going to do, one part timer in an office that I actually will do, and another that I am perfect for except they don't employ 17 year olds. So basically I'm grounded because no one wants to hire seventeen year olds for summer employment. Have a great summer.

The Break-Up is a stupid movie.

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Nat Attack said...

Stick it out lover llama. You're amazing!

And I thought The Break-Up was 50% okay.

Cheer up lil emo kid!