Monday, September 04, 2006

The Beast.

WARNING: The following is not a story for the faint of heart or stomach. Images may be quite graphic and/or disgusting to persons not of the male gender or persons who do not like feet. Thank you for your time.

My (second) First official night at school followed a day of walking around in too-small new shoes. This obscene amount of walking ultimately resulted in a blister the size of Rhode Island on my heel. In actuality it was about the size of a quarter and a half inch thick....but you'll never know. A crew of five girls consisting of: Rachel, Becki, Casey, Angie, and myself took it upon ourselves to rid myself of the awful tumor that grew on the heel of my foot in the space of a couple hours. The following are pictures from the momentous occasion.

During the poppage and wearing the freshman label.

This is the beast that formed on my foot with becki and casey in the backgtround....

Pre-Blister poppage

Happy no more blister to Kendall.

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Becki said...

i can see your boobs.