Friday, September 08, 2006

Random mumblings beneath my breath.

Today I decided my new favorite thing is confusing people. It can happen quite easily if you make sure that your mind doesn't really think in complete sentences, and if you talk/type very fast. It's very easy to mix up words, combine words, and overall make no sense whatsoever. THe one word I remember from a talking-too-fast session is Squeshed. Try and guess what words it combines. Hint: Jamba Juice.

Uhhh and the internet is addicting a lot. I don't want to save face. And the new facebook is stupid stupid.

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Nat Attack said...

Hahaha. THe internet IS addicting when you don't have anyone (i.e. DAD) to tell you when to get off huh? Just remember that cyber-life isn't real-people-life. Cheerio.