Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tom Cruise

Dear Fans,
The elusive search for the mysterious BYU Tom Cruise is now over. After one long month of searching for dear Tommy boy that I met on the first day of school, I have found him. Nearly every day on our way to biology, I describe to Becki the miracle of Tom and Kendall meeting.

'We were both very confused that our Biology class was not meeting at the appropriate time. I talked with this nice returned missionary, and with every word became more involved in watching this man that looked like Tom Cruise. I felt like I was watching Mission Impossible, listening to him. I asked him if anyone ever told him that he looked like Tom Cruise, and he said, "Maybe once or twice....But i hear the girls like him, so I'm not complaining." '

Dear Tom, what a modest boy he is.

I guess the most exciting part about seeing him today was that it was a SURPRISE! I wasn't even expecting to see my perfect ROTC Tommy, and basically shouted out my joy to Becki. She even locked eyes with him. After sitting in class, we watched Tom take his seat, and in the middle of class he got up and walked out. Mission Impossible 2.

I'm such a creep.


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Nat Attack said...

Oh man! I want to see this guy. I can't believe he left in the middle of class. How very MI. Do you think he likes taller girls like the real TC? Becki might still have a chance...