Sunday, October 29, 2006

birthday fantasticallllll

So Friday, October 27 marked one of the better birthday's that I have had in my few eighteen years of life. It was complete with NO school, sleeping in, presents in the mail, shopping cost-free for many hours with my FAVORITE grandma, cousin, and sister, and an all night party in a private movie theatre.

Let's just say I was very happy, and it was the perfect way to spend my monumental, eighteenth birthday.

This here is the movie theatre and four of the thirteen people that joined me.

So the intent of this evening was to stay awake the whole night and watch all three of the Lord of The Rings. And before you ask, no, I am not a huge freaky LOTR fan. I'm a freaky Harry fan, and waiting for all seven movies to have another series marathon. We ended up watching X-men 3, then LOTR 3 then 2. I made it through the first movie, and the first 20 minutes of the second two.

Shown to your right is some of the booty. Most importantly, the vans in the bottom left corner. Those are my new pride and joy.

Alright so I had a good birthday, and I am VERY grateful for it. HAPPY END.


Nat Attack said...

Hey Kenny, I'm sorry I missed the big day. I called at least three times but you were never home! Argh. I didn't hear if you got my gifts--did you?

Glad you had a super good one! I'll make plans to bring your you-know-what down to you sometime this week! Yay.

AND, I may have bought you something in New York...

kendall said...

oh dear, i can't wait. I wore my two new shirts from you, one on saturday and the other (target & purple top) on sunday! I was the cutest girl.

Nat Attack said...

Good for you. Though that purple shirt/black sweater were from M&D.

Glad you're so cute!