Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today was probably one of my most happy days since coming to college.

Yes, i decided studying is one of the biggest wastes of time, because it will NOT improve your grade unless study time > 14 hours. Waste of half a day.

Big party tomorrow night, I didn't fail my book of mormon midterm, i like my hair color, i got to talk to a bunch of people today. First offical party tomorrow and I found someone in my sociology class to study with so I WON'T FAIL! It's friday and my idaho boyfriends are coming, I only have one class, and an extra shift of work so i will make MORE DOLLARS! I get to go home in two months and my birthday is in one week. I love my friends; I actually have friends. My sister who is a mom is going to aide in the best party of my life and my hair is turning blonde again. I didn't have to work today, I realized a bunch of things in my life that weren't working out and have officially decided that college would be better if i tried. And i'm going to try.

Today was a good day.


Nat Attack said...

Kenny--you sound so OLD. I love you so much and I'm glad life's coming together for you; me too! Let's get together soon.

Lava you!

Becki said...

you're so inspirational

onlychild09 said...

Ahhh that just warms my heart! I want to hear all about this killer party. And what color is you hair anyway?