Sunday, October 08, 2006


This weekend was possibly the funnest (most fun) weekend to occur since the beginning of collegiate time. Dear Becki, Kendall, and Rachel rode the bus and then TRAX (notice no 'the') to see our favorite SLC living sister, Natalie. We met a cute boy on the bus who proceeded to talk to us about his friend's love life and ask our advice.

TIME: 5:20
PLACE: 2100 St TRAX exit
We got off the bus and browsed through Circuit City, waiting for Natalie to come pick us up, and I bought the world's best ring to give to my natalie.

The point of this is not to be annoying, just somehow convey the fun weekend we had. Sure, it was full of lots of money spending and time wasting, but it was all GOOD time wasting. The mall, Target, Chevron's largest drinks, Sixteen Candles, and the biggest cinnamon roll recipe that was ever invented. The evening was littered with "Boooo"s and "Sad day"s but ultimately ended in fantasicism.

The purpose of this blog is a shout out to Natalia, and a thank you for her generosity and gas money. And to becki, the newest member of the Williams family (yes after madeline) and to make sure everyone who wasn't with us is jealous.


I like making up words.


Nat Attack said...

Holla holla holla. Here's a shout out to you! I'm still wearing your fabulous ring--Krista even noticed it and said how awesome it was. Props to you!

I miss the silky boxers Girl Squad.

AND, I LOVE your new template. It's much better than the pink sweetness.

Nat Attack said...

PS. You gave me that ring 10 months ago (I'm reading through your archives) and I'm wearing said world's best ring TODAY! I love it.