Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcoming the New October

In writing my title I just decided the New October is definitely the title for a hit band. Kind of "The Early November" except my band will be a lot better. T.E.N. (haha ten) definitely does NOT have the amazing gilmore RachelBeckiKendall thing. But this is off the point anyway...

So i changed my uhh template. And added linx. LINX. Kewl, huh? Fo shizzle. sorry, tangent.
Pink because I am a girl, just so everyone knows. And I figured since I have the pressure of having to write a lot more because I'm on becki's links, I decided to have a sugar sweet page that will make people want to come back for more. Because that was exactly my reason and logic behind this new page.

Second: I am sick. At college. And Airborne tastes like carbonated orange death vomit. But I did feel a bit better after drinking the vomit. Probably because a teacher made it. However, TNO (the new october) decided that Teacherness is not a thing to advertise. I'd rather eat something gross coming from a scientist that knows his stuff than from a teacher who made some crappy orange carbonated INSTA drink to make big bucks that she wasn't making teaching children how to add decimals. And it's weird that she put her picture on the inside of the box...twice.

Third: Gilmore Girls=how we live. Many a conversation on Gilmore Girls is modeled after conversations with the beckster and rachel. Then, one could argue our conversations are modeled after the Gilmore Girls. But that's just ludacris because GG has no influence over me after I watch it for six hours straight. Except the random GG dreams that plague me for the next couple of days.

Fourth: This blog was not supposed to go on so long. But I met the singapore model boy today and he knew who I was. Good highlight. 'Cept I almost wish it had been dear Tommy. And I am NOT obsessed. Biology and the subway tomorrow. Hooray.


Nat Attack said...

Turkey WEDNESDAY! I'm so proud. I'll be thinking about you when I'm at the 'way too.

Good for you for blogging more. Now that you're consistant I think I'll add you to my linx. Way to make the cut. Maybe I'll add the Beckster too... I mean, we are family

Becki said...

... and family is forever.

I'm so happy we went running. We are impressive people.

and today a girl named kendall said to me
"i know why we're friends. It's because you'll hold my hand"

and then we held hands mitten style.

ohhh ehhm geee. It was just adorable.