Friday, November 24, 2006

The Run.

Death warmed over has a new meaning for me. It is Me. After the turkey trot.

Who knew four miles could cause such pain and agony?

I guess I had a fun time killing myself with rachel and my family, and I even placed fourth (out of seven) in the Wood family new tradition. My legs are sore.
1. Natalie
2. Dad
3. Mallory
4. Kendall
5. Rachel
6. Jan
7. Grandpa

So the days of me being able to outrun/chase/catch mallory are definitely over.

But hey, I'm alive.


Becki said...

isn't jan your mom?

kendall said...

uh huhhhh

Anonymous said...

You were a good sport and did really well! I'm happy you agreed to do it. Maybe next year she with short legs won't hold you back... !