Friday, November 17, 2006


And my life is quite happy these days.

I came home (to oregon), walked in the door and said, "surprise!!!" to a family that didn't know I was anywhere but in Utah. It probably was one of the funniest and scariest things I have ever done. Gladly enough, the 'rents weren't mad as we were all betting on, and who knows! they were actually happy to see me!

Gabbe officially freaked out and Mallory, Dad, and Mom were all kind of speechless. Apparently, it was a good kind of speechless though. We even "killed the fatted calf" for dinner last night, having steak, red potatoes, green beans, and tall GLASS glasses of water. The best part was, I didn't even have to make it.

Perhaps one of the coolests things was going lots of places with my mother. SOmetimes it's fun to be friends with mom, even when it is a little weird. My mom and Beth, her friend, kicked my butt at lifting weights. Beth said, "this makes me feel better!" referring to my inability to complete the stupid weight lifting exercises without moaning in pain. Tonight begins a night with no parents, and night at traci's. wahooooooooo

mom just took the time to remind me that the honor code applies to our house.

dad asked if i dropped out of college already.

best three months of my life.

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Logan said...

Im all caught up on VM. This is a nice post. Home is nice, Im currently at mine.