Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So maybe I've decided that studying is sometimes worth it. But only when I get 94% on a test.

Man! Great Job to me!

Veronica Mars was good, and new. Because of the show, I have a newfound interest in getting to the bottom of things, and watching people. Not to be confused with stalking people, because I don't really follow them around....too much. Beckers and I need a new hobby besides making up scenarios. And Daddy Mars soooo would've been a lot more beaten up than he was in that car crash tonight. Seriously.

No more Britney and K-fed. That was the sad news of my day.


Logan said...

The break up of Brittany and K-fed that is the real mystery you should be following, somthing isnt right there.

onlychild09 said...

Congrats on your test lover! See studying is a real thing that works! Hope that you are counting down the days until I come because I can't wait! you want me to bring you anything?

Ps- your vans are pretty sweet!

kendall said...

WHOA two quality comments. i feel loved.