Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrity, Celebrity

So last night was the night for weird dreams.

It started off with a school assembly, in the high school that I usually go to in my dreams when there are assemblies (assemblys?). This was no ordinary school assembly though, for the two candidates for the next presidential election were there, battling it out in a war of words. These two candidates were Mitt Romney and Tina Fey. Yes, the Tina Fey from SNL.
Anyway, the battled it out on school campus, and I remember really liking Tina.

After the assembly, Tina and I went to the house I was house sitting (because we are friends, duh), and it turns out I was house sitting for Lindsay Lohan. Sooo I was staring out her door and looking at all the pictures on the walls of her and her family.


I don't remember how it got here, but next thing I know, I am married to Bruce Willis and he is sleeping at his house and I am freaking out thinking, "I CAN'T BE MARRIED TO HIM!" And was (internally) yelling at myself and trying to figure out how to get it anulled because I was supposed to be marrying my friend the following week.

Aaaand at some point I went swimming in the nude.

I don't understand how so many celebrities can be in one dream, then I can go weeks without having any. I guess I'll have to wait for tonight to find out if I do get unmarried to Bruce, and maybe have a reunion with Lindsay.


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Becki said...

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