Friday, January 05, 2007

So this is the new year....

I am sitting in work, alone. No one else in the office, so I get one hour of guilt free doing nothing productive. Too bad my mother has taken the one and only book I have to finish before I leave on Sunday. Otherwise I'd be reading Eldest, which I am proud to say, is the sequel to Eragon.

I am probably one of the worst people in the world when it comes to food. If I crave something it is all I think about, dream about, and want to taste or eat. I have to take care of the office though, so I am not allowed to leave and get Subway or Taco Bell. Instead I get to sit here and write a blog while I try to pretend I'm craving some of the chocolate in the kitchen. Believe me, there is a LOT of chocolate, and I never thought chocolate would get old.

Happy 2007 and please try not to kill anyone this year. That's my New Year Resolution. It's better than to lose 20 pounds or exercise three times a week or not procrastinate because seriously, those are the not-so-doable doable new years resolution.

2007 Resolution: Not kill anyone in 2007.

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Lainey said...

You know you inherited that craving thing from me. Seriously. I started it and you are eight years down the gene pool that we share, thus I passed it on to you. Watch out I gained thirty pounds between the age of 17 and 19 because of it! Luckily it seemed to go away when I was pregnant, which is odd...

I'm assuming this is why we hit Subway the other night nevermind the screaming car baby.