Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hey! Good news!

I cannot be the stupidest person on campus, and today I got my evidence.

Snowing this morning.
I was freeeeeezing.

Man wearing no jacket and a short sleeved shirt. He was walking in the snow as if it wasn't there, blowing into his face and melting in his eyes.

Person number two was a girl in flip flops, on the wet ground. It was no longer snowing, but still quite freezing cold, if not more than it was when it was snowing. Her feet were not blue...an occurrence that still puzzles me.

Person number three was right before person four, this girl was walking around in a shirt with no jacket. Yes, she was wearing pants. I was freezing cold.

Person four was the final one I saw, a man wearing shorts. I cursed him with frostbite and went faster to class because my legs were going numb in my jeans.

At least FOUR people are going to do worse than me on the physical science test, for that I am sure.


Nat Attack said...

Hahahaha. Oh man, I hope they DO do worse than you on PST.

Anonymous said...

goes to show you more than ONE person is short a card or two in a 52 card deck...