Monday, April 16, 2007

I think I got a Concussion.

Guys, today it shlaeiled.

Yes. That is Sleet, hail, and rain all in one world.
But seriously, I walked out of the library into torrential shlaeil(< that looks like arabic). I was one of the lucky ones who actually wore a little jacket today so I didn't get sopping wet on my five minute walk home, but it was amazing! I love the smell of Utah rain, it's just so good. Oregon rain doesn't smell like SouthWestern rain, it just doesn't. But anyway, those raindrops were falling soooo fast, and soooo hard. I really couldn't tell if it was ice or not, but I think it was water for the most part. Thus, the shlaeil.

I'm really happy that Natalie updated her blog, and that Mallory is on a consistent basis. Way to go family! Mom needs to get a blog please. Aaaaand eight days until I go home, so hopefully 6 days until I finish all my finals. Oh joy oh joy.


No matter how many times I watch Friends, it's still amazing.


onlychild09 said...

that is intense. I drove home from Portland today in a terrential down pour.

Nat Attack said...

Another shout out!?

I enjoyed my time off, but I'm happy I'm back to blogging too.

Hugs not drugs,
N Will

Lainey said...

What about MY blog?
PS when are you going to set up my friends links on my page. Please please before you leave me alone in Utah.