Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's Easter?

Happy Easter, everybody! Today was an odd day, so very not Easterlike. My first Easter away from home was moderately Easterly though, like a 6 on a 10 scale.

My Easter Requirements
1. Colored Eggs Check!
2. Easter Basket Partial Check
3. Fancy Meal Check!
4. Church sort of check.
5. New Easter Outfit Barely a check
6. Kino eating the chocolate off the floor and throwing up. (this is an addition within the last three years)I kind of miss this one. No check
7. Mallory, Mom, and Dad. Most depressing no check.
8. Sugar cookies and decorating. Check!

My roomies and I made a dinner, I got the pot roast, Angie got potatoes and rolls, Greg and LeeAnne made the curry, and Naomi set the table and did dishes. Greg took the pictures.

Yes, I went to church. Surprise! No, seriously though. I went. I did miss being there with the family though, it was a bit lonely. My new outfit consists of I Love New York. A vision in the New York Department of Economic Growth's main product. Thank you, Mom!

Later in the evening we got to decorate some delicious sugar cookies that are very weird because it's not the recipe I grew up with. Still fun though.

AND I GOT TO DECORATE EGGS! Beckers has these pictures and she disappeared, but we made our own egg dyes from water and vinegar and somehow managed to produce some dang good looking eggs!

End Easter.


Nat Attack said...

I hear you lady! Easter is one of the saddest "holidays without family but not big enough to warrant going home". Glad to hear you kept busy-ish though!

Rachel said...

The easter bunny loves you Kendall. How else would he know you're going to New York for Thanksgiving?!

Anonymous said...