Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's developing one tick at a time.

Things I am thinking and worrying about.

1. I won't make it through sophomore year with all the death classes I am taking.
2. My headaches are more than caffiene headaches.
3. Diet Coke really will start to taste disgusting.
4. Am I going to run out of Diet sodas that I actually like?
5. I hope it doesn't rain on saturday.
6. Veronica Mars is seriously over. forever. I'm having problems with that.
7. There aren't any new shows anymore!
8. Why do I get nervous? I think I have anxiety.
9. I wish other colleges would get out already.
10. What if Kelly Clarkson's new cd isn't really that great?
11. I hope Mal gets into Jazz Choir.
12. Do I really want to take classes this summer?
13. Maybe being a law secretary wouldn't be so bad.
15. I wish today was turkey wednesday. Instead, it's meatball wednesday.


Nat Attack said...

I love Turkey Wednesday. I should have gone today.

Instead, I had crappy overpriced, bland Mexicana. No esto bueno.

And you're worrying about mostly pretty normal things.

Start drinking Diet Pepsi. It will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

kendall said...

i already went through the diet pepsi phase...and now it's not so good. I'm so worried.

Logan Smith said...

Meatball sandwiches rock. I say meatball everyday.

onlychild09 said...

No jazz for me. I'm not that upset but what does make me want to vomit is the fact that Hanni got in. I hate her and her ugly voice too.

Lainey said...

Yay! a new blog! Drink lots and lots and lots of water for days at a time to see if hydration helps your headaches.