Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who dat?

I decided I really don't like Lindsay Lohan. She's just so stuck up and addicted to drugs, I mean, her stint in rehab was only for publicity, and to act like she's a good girl. I mean, who would be better to judge her than me, her obvious best friend? I never would've guessed two years ago that I'd be leaving the Lohan Lane for Duff delight. I'm more of a fan of Alien teeth Hilary than drunken coke addict Lohan. I guess I always liked teeth more than drugs.
Another thing that disgusts me is triangle bikinis. Or bikinis in general. They're ugly. Most people don't even look good in them. Even Lindsay cokeface Lohan can't pull it off. I guess I'm in a celebrity hating moment. Sorry if you hate celebrities too, because I made you read this. Have a wonderful day!


Becki said...

it really took you this long to realize that?

drugs are for losers. and celebrities. so cool kids too? no. celebrities suck. amen.

onlychild09 said...

take out your anger. no tomorrow is my birthday.

Nat Attack said...

I've blogged it before too. I HATE LILO.

What a waste of a person to be obsessed with.

Lainey said...

Just LOOK at them. Hilary is obviously the cleaner cut, more beautiful choice (if someone is MAKING you choose a celebrity, of course...)