Thursday, June 28, 2007


It's starting to feel weird if I don't post for a day. I figure if I start one in the early day I get into the blogging mood, and proceed to post more blogs. Sometimes I get upwards of four blogs in one day!

Becki, you must read the book Life's Little Annoyances:True Tales of People Who Just Can't Stand It Anymore. You might recognize the introduction from our favorite website passive aggressive notes. That's basically what the whole book is.

So last night I had the greatest dream. First, it involved a trip to some crazy tropical island, I think it might've been Samoa. Anyway, I went with Rachel and Becki. For some reason there was a free tanning bed on the beach, and I wanted to use it, but just when I got there all these girls that I hated in middle and high school were taking over the beach and the tanning bed.

So Beckers' family came and she disappeared, and Rachel also disappeared, so I was left all alone. Somehow I saw Gabbe's family, minus Gabbe, and I specifically remember speaking to Brooke, who I can't remember the last time I spoke to her (or even saw her) and they adopted me.

That's all. I was very happy to be at this tropical island. Becki can we drive there next year? Okay. Wait for some more blogs.


Becki said...

this fall let's pick and enemy and forward them all of our spam mail.

Lainey said...

As long as I'm not the enemy, good idea.

Dreams are crazy how people just disappear and it all seems to make sense.

And I can admit, I still have issues over mean girls from middle school.