Monday, June 18, 2007

Blog number 101.

Hey guys I missed blog number 100, so here is 101 with 101 things about me. You'd better appreciate it because it took more than 101 days to do it all.

1. My biggest pet peeve is when the toilet paper is on the wrong way.
2. Pet peeve number two is when a person doesn't replace the old roll after getting out a new one.
3. Sometimes I fantasize about being in a tv show.
4. More than a TV show, I fantasize about being in a music video. Basically all the time.
5. I have a strange addiction to Nerds. I can never turn them down, nor stop eating once I've started.
6. I could eat sour patch watermelons every day until I die.
7. Dove chocolate is the only kind of chocolate. Hershey kisses are disgusting.
8. I am still very upset about the Ryan/Reese breakup. It makes me think nothing is possible.
9. I would take a hybrid Civic over any other car.
10. If I had a million dollars I would (in this order): go shopping and buy myself jeans, shoes, and jackets, open a high interest savings account, get a tummy tuck, and take the Wood family on the Disney Cruise. (I probably would go to England, too)
11. Going on the Disney Cruise is probably one of the best memories I have.
12. Thinking about going to a college other than BYU scares me.
13. Thinking about having one job for the rest of my life scares me.
14. Getting married for the rest of my life scares me.
15. Raising teenagers (and infants) scares me more than any of the above.
16. If I watch a show/movie for more than 4 hours and within 1 hour of going to bed, I have vivid dreams about it.
17. Dreaming is one of my favorite things to do.
18. I am rarely satisfied with taking a nap.
19. I don't take naps very often.
20. The New Testament is my favorite book of scripture.
21. It takes me about a month to go through a pack of bobby pins.
22. Every six months I'll clean and find probably 3/4 of the 500 bobby pins I went through, and they're gone by the next month.
23. Dirty dishes in the sink really do bug me.
24. I have never been more grateful for a home, a mom and dad, and my own bedroom, than I have been this year.
25. I never get sick of Norah Jones.
26. One of my life goals is to live on the East Coast for one year.
27. I hate washing my hands after going to the bathroom, but do it because I know I should.
28. Diet Coke that I buy doesn't taste as good as the kind from home or Grandma's.
29. Re-occuring dreams are my favorite.
30. Recently, I have become obsessed with working out my arms.
31. I love all kinds of weather, but only if they exist for a couple days at a time. Too much of one kind gets old.
32. My secret wish is to have thick blonde hair.
33. Dove milk chocolate is the only kind of milk chocolate I will eat.
34. I have an obsession with not having flabby arms, but I do almost nothing about it.
35. I wish I could be a really good dancer.
36. Sometimes I judge people by their myspaces. A lot, actually.
37. I've never broken a bone.
38. I might be a little bit of a hypochondriac.
39. I feel like I can't see anything whether I'm wearing contacts or not.
40. I've spent over on emonth working on this list of hundred things.
41. I really only like little animals or big animals, the ones in the middle are weird. I like kittens and puppies, or elephants and sometimes I actually like really big dogs. The ones that aren't big OR little I don't like so much.
42. I used to want to be Kelly Clarkson more than anything in the world.
43. I'm in love with Chad.
44. Rachel told me to put that.
45. I wear the same shoe size as Becki and it's probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.
46. I have four clothing obsessions, in this order: Shoes, Jeans, Jackets, Jewelry.
47. I hardly ever buy shoes.
48. The Count of Monte Cristo and Aladdin are two movies I never get sick of.
49. I used to fancy meeting Daniel Radcliff (harry potter) and how he'd fall in love with me because I'd pretend not to know he was famous.
50. When I was younger I had a beading obsession. I would save money to spend on beads, try to take classes, etc.
51. All these beads are now sitting at home in storage because I don't bead anymore.
52. I can't go more than one day without showering unless I want my hair to look like I dipped it in a vat of grease.
53. Working at Subway fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams.
54. I get obsessed with things and these obsessions usually last about three weeks.
55. Drop Dead Gorgeous is probably the movie I can quote the most while watching, second to Aladdin.
56. Gaston, the song in Beauty and the Beast is probably the song I quote most. At least once a day I say something from that song.
57. I sometimes dream about being a high power attorney.
58. This high power attorneyness is always crashed by the reality that it would not be like being Veronica Mars.
59. Geometry was my least favorite subject in all of school.
60. There are some embarassing moments that I still cringe to think about. I'm not sure I will ever accept them.
61. All three of my sisters are my favorite. I've tried, but I simply cannot pick a favorite.
62. There is a civic hybrid that I walk by when I take Kino for a walk. It is the one car I would like for the rest of my life.
63. My bangs get really greasy very easily.
64. If I stay up too late at night, or don't eat late at night, I get extreme stomach aches. They suck.
65. Mom told me that I'm evil. In sacrament meeting.
66. The Food Network is my favorite channel, followed by E!
67. I can'at remember a day when I didn't chew gum at least once.
68. Sometimes I can't help but think our family was one of the best families I've ever heard of.
69. I like the Colbert Report more than The Daily Show.
70. Sometimes I laugh at the Daily Show when I really have no idea what's going on.
71. I have a very vivid imagination when it comes to being alone in dark places. You really have no idea.
72. Secretly (I guess not so much anymore) I wish I were as naturally intelligent and funny as Natalie.
73. I am having a hard time accepting that Veronica Mars has been cancelled.
74. It's taken me more than 4 months to write this list of 100 things. I'm projecting another month before it's finished.
75. I want Mallory's hair more than almost anything in the world. It's gorgeous.
76. If i had all the money in the world I would eat organic, locally grown food all the time.
78. If I actually become a dental hygenist and don't get married for awhile, I'm going to go to culinary school. I can't imagine anything more fun than being a chef for a living.
79. I just finished watching an E! Special on the teacher who had a baby with her 6th grade student. It was pretty dang interesting.
80. This weekend (rents were out of town) I probably spent more time watching the Food Network than anything else. It was one of the more fun weekends I've experienced.
81. Popping zits on my nose is a very satisfying experience for me.
82. I have a very big wound on my nose that was inflicted by the above pleasure.
83. I can't decide which I like more, being extremely busy at work or having nothing to do at all.
84. Blogging has become my journal.
85. I wish all my friends could get married at the same time, in about five years. Having friends all married off one at a time would be probably be the worst thing ever.
86. My favorite part about having nothing to do at work is being able to read the updates on People and E! news headlines. I am very socialite celebrity saavy now.
87. I'm going to skip a number eventually.
88. The shoes I wear most are my black flip flops.
89. My middle toe is broken. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I do know that no one believed me when I told them I was in pain for 5 months. I now have a crooked toe to show off.
90. I have become quite the dark chocolate connoisseur.
92. Eating dark chocolate makes me feel healthier.
93. Exercising at the gym has become very relaxing. I look forward to it every day.
94. I think the elliptical at the gym is rigged to make me think I'm burning more calories than I am.
95. The step master makes me so happy because it's so hard, and I can do it for 25 minutes.
96. Recently, I have become obsessed with Italian food. Eating AND cooking it.
97. I'm beginning to like who I think Paris Hilton is. Was that complicated enough?
98. I still kind of want to be Kelly Clarkson more than anything in the world.
99. Cherry Coca-Cola Zero is my favorite soda.
100. Now and Laters are probably the most painful candy to eat. Why do they have to taste so good?
101. I am sooo happy to be done with this, but still kind of sad I can't do it anymore but sooo happy to be rid of it.


Nat Attack said...

YOU DID IT! Wow, I'm happy. And I can definitely see the trends in your logic... You should make #26 happen. It's awesome!

28 is very true.
This list is proof you're catching up to #72.

I lava you!

Lainey said...

Yay! This makes me so happy. I love learning about you. And I'm glad to know I'm not your least-favorite sister. Blogging has become my journal too. YOu've inspired me to finish my list, except mine is much more deep and embarassing so maybe I'll lighten it up a bit!

onlychild09 said...

WOw! 101 things that is kind of a lot. I love you Ken you are a funny girl.

PS-we can never live up to Nat's wit and humor, you may be able to move to Boston.

Ryan + Erica said...

This is so great. You have to save it forever! Go # 65!