Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fat Girl at Heart

Today I came to this miraculous conclusion:

I am still a fat girl at heart.

How I came to this conclusion:
Today attorney number 3 brought his twin children in, a boy and a girl. Both are in the borderline overweight/obese category. The first thing I heard them say when they walked into the kitchen was, "Ohhhhhhh, Dad! Can we have a doughnut??" (there is a box of 6 krispy kreme's on the counter). I was embarassed for them, but I have no pity. I then realized I still do the same thing only now it's silent.

I see a box of lovely doughnuts and want one. I live to cook food and watch the Food Network. I looove making cake, cookies, and brownies, and love even more to eat them. I give in to my temptations a lot. I think I've gained a little bit of self control, and I might look like not a fat girl, but so you all know, I am still a fat girl at heart.


Ryan + Erica said...

Haha Hey, maybe you're just a GIRL at heart (and on the outside, obviously!) But seriously, I think most of us girls feel that same way about food. Just ask Ryan, if there's on thing I can be a bit possessive about, it's food!

Rachel said...

If you're a fat girl at heart, i'm a fat girl at heart. I would see doughnuts and want some too! Food is just so good.

Lainey said...

I think being a fat girl is more about genetics than anything else. So eat up; we'll all look perfect in heaven.