Monday, June 04, 2007

To work or not to work?

I have this internal battle that goes something like this,
"Man I wish I had more work to do."
This is great! Nothing to do! I can surf the web."
"I am so bored."
"I wish I had work to do"

when I have work it goes something like this,
"I hate this work."
"Wow! Time is going by so fast. I hope work ends before I finish this."
"I am so bored."
"I want to be done with this work."

So I think I decided it's probably better when I'm working. Today I spent money buying shoes online because I've had practically nothing to do all day. This working is losing me money.


Becki said...

hey cool, you just wrote my worklife story.


Lainey said...

Welcome to seven years in the MSA File Room. Ohhh I don't miss those days.

That's the benefit of a higher education, baby - keep on truckin!

PS Shoe shopping online is way addictive. The ones I want are Earth Shoes Pirouette 2's.