Monday, July 09, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Oh, today I have many things to post about, but of course, I'm going to forget them all because I am now in the process of writing a blog!

1. Last night I had a wonderful dream. Stephanie Hieb and I were leaving school (high school and no, it's not a nightmare) and decided to go to the new NBC studio right across the street. Everyone was waiting in line to get into a show or something and Steph and I persused the gift shop when I saw JOHN KRASINSKI. Blah blah blah, we all ended up talking and sat down to eat something in the Cafe, Dad showed up, Stephanie turned into Becki, and dearest John said he had tickets to some restaraunt in this amazing high rise building that looked out over New York City (we were in NYC at this point) and he invited the three of us. I'm pretty sure John liked me. goooood dream.

2. Harry Potter comes out tomorrow night. I am excrutatingly excited to go see it. I mean, HARRY POTTER! Another plus on this Harry Potter mania is that articles about the HP people come out, and I have read 4 articles from People and E! about my Harry Potter obsessions. However, this article is disgusting.

3. I have a lot of work to do and no motivation to do it. Blast.


Nat Attack said...


That picture cracked me right up. He looks like Elijah Wood! And you're right that article made him sound smarmy. I don't like that.

What a good dream with my bf! Lucky you!!!

Becki said...

how come you always get to dream about johhny the lover man? Share the wealth, GEEZ.

and you posted the ugliest picture ever taken of me on facebook yesterday.

Someday I will find revenge.

In the mean time.