Friday, July 13, 2007


Sweet guys, I have 16 blogs so far for the month of July, and there have only been 13 days. Considering I don't even blog on weekends, this is pretty cool.

I am still obsessed with that Harry Potter movie. Every time I close my eyes I see something from that movie! I can barely contain myself, I want the 7th book to come out so badly. Today I read on my handy Google addition 'Mugglenet Headlines' that JK Rowling said that some people are going to "absolutely loathe" the 7th book. Since the last book I have been a strong believer that Harry will die in the 7th book, but hearing JK say that nearly brought me to tears. Sometimes I hate loving books so much.

I also can't stop laughing to myself about the crazy roomate blog. Thank you, Becki! We should go to Canadia.

I started Gchatting it up. Thanks Nat for letting me talk to you about Harry Potter as much as I want.

I'm leaving work in an hour to go camping. What an awesome day.


Manders said...

Your obsession with Harry Potter is apparent and it makes me laugh.

Lainey said...

And of those sixteen blogs I think we see proof that you, (like me), are Bipolar. Read the titles to the left and you'll get a good laugh. In paragraph form, they say:

WHOA! Sorry if you don't like Harry Potter; this might convince you a little bit because I sure don't. I am getting a little bored. Oh Harry, you never fail to please me.

kendall said...

Hahaha, I like that.