Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Final Slowdance

Well, I realize I haven't written in quite some time. Let me rephrase that, I have not written a quality blog in quite some time. I think I shall satisfy (at least Natalie and Alaina's) your appetite with some pictures, some words, some more pictures, and then probably some more words. Does that sound alright to you? Good, because you don't really have a choice.

Last weekend when I was released from work the family decided to go camping. Sunny weekend, not a camping ground open, so we spent the evening in a fancy hotel RIGHT on the beach and read books. Mal and I both read Harry Potter 7, Dad read some book on steel and building workers (a cheap buy at the outlet mall), and Mom walked on the beach with Kino. Kino was having a very hard time giving me a good picture. First one he is looking away, the second he is not smiling, and the third his eyes are closed.

Oh yeah, Kino got attacked by a dog. More blogging about Kino in a little bit.

Sooo I've spent my three days off of work doing just about nothing. I slept in a lot, I've been watching a lot of movies (redbox=BFFL), procrastinating that packing stuff, and not writing a blog. I suppose I like to work AKA not being home all the time which is why I get to go back to Utah early!

Wednesday night was a Mary Kay party. I bought fabulous foundation that I cannot wait to get. And before you go ahead and judge me for buying foundation from a stupid Mary Kay party you shall know these three things:
a) Mary Kay is not stupid. She was (may she rest in peace) a very poised woman who founded a company for women in a man's world and produced excellent products.
b) Foundation was only $14. That is a very good price.
c) I have previously been to a party and DID NOT buy anything, but I have been pining over this stuff.
Here's some pictures of our lovely street women faces.

Okay folks, that's all. I really did plan on writing a lot more, but I'm running on 4 hours of sleep, and I have to finish packingcleaninghairdying etc. before I can leave in 7 hours.
Cheer up! I'll be at school soon with plenty of things that need to be procrastinated by blogging.


Ryan + Erica said...

You really do look fabulous in that picture--such beautiful cheekbones! Welcome back to Utah! Wish I'd be there to greet you!

Rachel said...

Yay a real blog! Not that you don't really blog, but i like this one!

How is it possible to get a picture of a kino blinking? For some i just feel like he doesn't blink. But you captured it, so i guess he does!

Hey you're in utah. Come see me.

Nat Attack said...

I think his eyes are just a little drowsy; not a true blink. But good capture!

I'm jealous you're back in Utah. Play with G&G for me.