Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm typing this in Excel first.

Okay guys, I'm blogging. For the next week (if I'm lucky) I have computer access during the work hours. However, I will be trying my hardest to stay away from the internet as I have some of the most boring and monotonous crap in the world to accomplish. Really though, I just wanted to let everyone know just how much I love the version of Microsoft that is on this brand new computer that I am working on. I think it's the business microsoft? Whatever it is, it's sublime. All the screens kind of fade out when you minimize, the little alarm noises are fancy and the automatic font on every program is Calibri, which just happens to be a very lovely looking font. I'm in love with this and I am considering thievery to get this little bit of magic in my own possesion. Or maybe I know what I want to spend my non-existent money on next.

Family reunion was the worst family reunion that I've been to, but that in no way means that it was horrible. Considering I really really look forward to these reunions every year and am never disappointed, a worst family reunion actually means it was enjoyable, just not my favorite. It was lonely not having Natalie, but Alaina and Adrie were very fun. Adrienne Sage makes me so happy, she's such a goofy little baby. Rachel and I are twins...I read the second Eragon book (Eldest) and re-fell in love with that series.

I am becoming excited beyond excited for school to start again. I am officially going to pursue dental hygienistry as my future career. I can't wait to live with Rach and Sami and LeeAnne and Beckers. Next year is going to be extremely FUN!

So anyway, I'm going to finish now. I hope I have satiated your appetite for more blog today, and later tonight or sometime I'm gonna post pictures of my darling niece and my hot sister cousins. BYYYYE


Manders said...

i wish i was living with you.

kendall said...

I wish you were, too.

onlychild09 said...

me three.

Lainey said...

Me four.

Oh wait.

I'm living with your stuff in the garage - close enough? Just teasing.

Maybe the reunion sucked because you were in your bed reading/ipoding instead of out jazzing us all up?

I miss you!

Am I a hot sister cousin?

Or just mom to the goofy baby?

kendall said...

Hot sister cousin, definitely.

Nat Attack said...

Can I be a hot sister cousin even if I weren't present?

kendall said...

yes ma'am, you are eligible.

Becki said...

Calibri is maybe my favorite thing ever. But I hate windows pretending to be mac. You win some you lose some. So let's live together.