Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogger oh Blogger

Blogger oh Blogger how the days go by
When I do not work, they sure do fly
I am very sorry about the absent posts
I have been neglecting the thing that I love the mosts

I check you so rarely for many sad reasons
I do home work so much, I feel there's no seasons
Seasons of joy in which your love I abide
Blogger oh Blogger, please let me back inside

I'm sad of being in the lonely dark rain
I'm sure, my dear blogger, you can remove my pain
For when I do post I am sure you are glad
Blogger, oh Blogger, I shant make you more mad.


Nat Attack said...

This poem made my whole day Kenny! Geez. I LOVE poems. And I LOVE your blogs.

I don't LOVE that it's almost 8 and I'm still at work. My brain is mush! So is this comment!


onlychild09 said...

Oh Kendall I love you! This was amazing. I think you should be a professional poet. Maybe all that homework you do is paying off in some way?

Rachel said...

You should make it into a song now. Maybe a little irish medley...blogger oh blogger oh matey oh matey...

This poem describes exactly how I'm feeling right now. I miss the days of no school and unlimited days of internet access while making money at the same time.

Nat Attack said...

Hey! That's my life! Woot.