Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Five things have made me very happy today

1. I got a locker in the JKB. Now I don't have to carry my books home everyday knowing that I won't study!!

2. I made heads and tails of the stupid scientific report I had to read for Microbiology. You try and understand Erythromycin resistant transformant strains of Campylobacter coli and how they can transform antibiotic sensitive strains of C. Coli into pathogenic ones. It's not very easy.

3. I didn't cry when I didn't know how to do my math.

4. I signed up to hopefully get a tutor for my math class.

5. Tomorrow is Thursday

Five things I am not very happy about today

1. I tried, in vain, to understand college algebra for 1.5 hours today.

2. I don't know anyone who could help me with math. Least of all help would be my "been in the USA for 3 years, Chinese graduate student" for a teacher. I don't understand what he says, I don't have a brilliant Chinese mind, and any accent of any kind (except british) automatically makes math 100 times harder.

3. Basketball makes me very sweaty in the mornings.

4. No one answers their phone anymore. Especially when I need an escort down rape hill.

5. I have 159 terms to memorize for an anatomy QUIZ on Tuesday. I've know about said terms since yesterday.

I'll post a pictures for a happy note.


My 6th happy thing:

away laughing on a fast camel should be here tomorrow. AH! yay.


Nat Attack said...

I recognize your closet cover. IKEA. Whoop. I almost bought Mally that cover but didn't. SURPRISE!

I like your happy and not so happy list. It's good to have balance. Sorry I couldn't help you with math. I may work with math, but I def. can't DO math.

Maybe when I grow up.

Becki said...

yaaaaaaaaay small face!

Rachel said...

yay a pictures are happy!

Lainey said...

I'm SOOOO sorry... I hate the school-part of college.

Have you considered changing math classes? There's no harm done in escaping a crappy teacher. I didn't learn that lesson until the end, but you should learn from me and learn it early. There are likely 8293456987 sections of the math you need, SWITCH.

It will all be worth it!