Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All my friends are old people.

Hey guys, I'm almost to post 200!! Does that mean I have to make a list, "200 things about kendall"? I'm pretty sure that would be painful for everyone. The trying to read 200 things about me, and me trying to write 200 bloody interesting things about myself. I'll try and think of something good. Or nothing at all.

Sooo, I had a birthday on Saturday. It really was a spectacular weekend overall. I don't have any emo pictures, so you'll have to check Rachie's blog for an update sometime. I gots some pictures from the Friday night dinner/hockey game though. Hope you enjoy!

I sprained my ankle today.


Nat Attack said...

Your friends are all really old. I want those old people at my birthday! And you too.

But really, I'm happy you had your birthday celebration at the Texas! What better place is there right? (My 22nd was celebrated at that very location)

You look AMAZING! Kind of makes me want to start trying to do my hair again. OR cut it.

Until next year!

Nat Attack said...

HAHAHA. You changed your blog title. I love it (you).

Rachel said...

Old people are the best friends to have! Well, and by that I mean the old people we are friends with. Slash related to.

Sorry about the sprained ankle. I will take care of you!