Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's my heart.

I'm addicted to music. I don't know how else to say it. EVERYTHING! I love it all. There really isn't a greater feeling than listening to the perfect song and walking around campus. I think that might be the one thing I'll miss when I'm not at BYU anymore. No more walking around to Feist, Stars, Paramore, and all others. Probably by then it will be riding the bus with my headphones in. I've done that before, back in the day when I had an MP3 player and rode the bus to Portland to work. Ahh.

Feist. She's amazing. Let It Die was my therapy at one point, and I can't get over how great her new cd, The Reminder, is.

Paramore? Practically the greatest band in the world. If you're a girl, and you have feelings, you will looooove Paramore. Ask Alaina or Rachel and they will vouch for the amazing music that is Paramore.

Now, Stars, simply amazing to listen to. Currently listening to "Your Ex-Lover is Dead". Thank you, Becki, for the gift of Stars.

Last on my list of bands to cover today, Brand New, the only cure for an angry heart. Have you ever listened to 'Seventy Times 7'? I think it's the only song that fits every angry. Ever.

I think I might start blogging about loving music some more another time. I love so much of it that I really don't even know what to say, or how much. Love it. It's good for you. Maybe I'll make a playlist for you someday.


Rachel said...

Music is just all the rage right now!

I love music too. Blogging is great when you blog about something you're passionate about, and who ISN'T passionate about music?! I know I am!

I love love Paramore. Its true, it has a lot of feeling in it, which is what I love.

Lainey said...

I love how you just don't know how to describe it. Me either. Love love love. Love and kisses. Like a warm blanket, a dear friend, a panacea for aching souls. It's so great.