Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paula Deen...not my favorite.

Yes, I realize it's been a little long since I last blogged. Or read blogs...but in my defense, it's been a craaazy week. A good week, but crazy nonetheless.

Mallory was here from Saturday to Tuesday afternoon, and we had such a fun time! I reeeeally liked having her here. That was definitely the highlight of my week, not including last night.
I sprained my ankle last week, which made it difficult to walk around, thankful for Mallory to be my crutch, and for yan, rach, josh, sami and beaki giving me rides to school every day of the week. I had to take four tests last week, none of which I had studied much for because I was having waaaay too much fun with Mallory and Josh. Somehow I made it through the week, now I've got the rapidly disappearing weekend to study for my anatomy midterm II.

Yesterday I was blessed enough to watch Giada on the Food Network, my favorite channel in existence. She made some really nice looking chicken stuffed with cheese and sage....I can feel the Italian (DISCLAIMER: I'm not really Italian) coming out in my blood already. The only bummer with everything Food Network is that nearly everything that looks good is made with alcohol. There are multiple problems with this, a) Alcohol might be against the word of wisdom?? At least, last time I checked it was, b) I am under 21, don't want to get a fake ID to buy alcohol for baking, don't want keith mars to bust me for owning some, and c) It might be against the honor code to have some in my house...I don't think BYU would be too happy.
I guess in the mean time I'll have to stick to a different show that doesn't use alcohol. Good thing I really hate Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade alcoholic ways. Yeah, I watched the Food Network all summer.

I am now watching the most horrible show with host Alton Brown. He really is the anti-christ. annoying in every single way. However, he said something I can respect, "Stuffing. Is. Evil." Apparently, it's brilliant at breeding Salmonella. It's also a good idea to simply stuff the turkey with some sage, apple, onions, and cinnamon for flavor. I like that idea.

I'm in love with the Food Network.

Last night was the night of British movies. I got to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the Varsity Theatre with Joshua. I absolutely love that movie, but I think the audience was insane?? Everything was just a little bit too funny, and a little bit too dramatic. I also love Ron Weasley, and am extremely lucky to have my own personal one. After that movie we went to Josh's home and watched The Queen with Greg, Adam, and Emma. It was quite the interesting experience because I know absolutely nothing about Princess Diana and England (don't tell anyone).

Gah. Have a lovely weekend.


Rachel said...


You do love the food network. That guy was the anti christ, agreed.

Will you name your children Harry Potter names please?

A Digital Darkroom said...

Thanks for the life update it's ALWAYS great do know what you're up to!

onlychild09 said...

You are so funny. I wish I had more time to watch the FOOD network, it is my favorite too. I cannot wait for Harry Potter five to come out on dvd. I will watch it over and over.

qwertney said...

i "tagged" you in my blog. you have to read it to find out what that means...