Monday, December 10, 2007


I brought my laptop to public speaking today, best decision of my life.

Right now we're talking about affairs in the church. Teach knows of an affair between the Bishop, Relief Society president, and a Sunday School Teacher. As well as two couples that flip flopped spouses. The moral of the story is that you should not ride in a car alone with a member of the opposite gender. That's probably a very wise choice. We're also talking about Mitt Romney, and how he is definitely the most attractive Republican candidate.

Only 9 days until I go HOME!! Ahhh I'm so excited. I feel like the last three weeks have absolutely flown by. I mostly can't wait to not have any homework to do for a couple weeks. Nat, I will clean OUR room for you. Mallory, I expect to see a newly sewn dress on your body when I get home.

So I shadowed two dental hygienists last Thursday and Friday. It makes me extreeeemely excited to be a hygienist, but it makes me really worried about my own teeth. I learned too much about gum recession and periodontal disease so now I feel like I have every disease they ever talked about. I also developed new respect for flossing, and I know what calculus is. Not the stupid math type of calculus, the cool dental type of calculus.

Love to all!

Don't vote for Hilary Clinton.


Lainey said...

Yes don't vote for Hilary. Bleggh.

Don't ever be alone with a member of the opposite sex when you're married. Or they're married. Or both. It's a fool-proof rule. I can say that for 5 years I have followed that rule with NO exceptions! Yay.

I love your guts!

Nat Attack said...


Rachel said...

You will be a great hygienist.

This reminds me, I ran out of floss a couple of days ago! I need to get more!