Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heyyyyy, list.

a.) Last day in Psychology. I can't believe how happy it's making me.

b.) My computer battery has lasted for more than one hour. I'm pretty sure it's a Christmas miracle.

c.) I was up until 4 AM this morning studying for math.



f.) I go home one week from today.

g.) Tonight I am baking a cake for a birthday.

h.) My psychology teacher's voice puts me to sleep.

i.) I still have 97% battery left on my computer. I'm not sure if you yet realize how happy I am that my computer is working still.

j.) Tomorrow is my last test of the whole semester that isn't a final.

k.) I think I'm going to get an A in microbiology. And this A encompasses A and A-, so I'm right either way.

l.) In my last two classes (same building) there has been some very obnoxious piano playing coming from the ceiling.

m.) Headbands hurt my head.

n.) I have no Christmas presents purchased. For anyone.

o.) Tonight I'm going to watch the Bourne Supremacy

p.) It's finals week and the library is absolutely crammed. My internet also chooses not to work in the library during finals week. It's sort of like being picked last to play basketball, except my computer gets picked last to have a quality internet connection.

q.) Speaking of basketball, that favorite class of mine ended today. I was on the winning team for the second day in a ROW! I'm pretty sure I've never won two games in a row. And I made like 80% of the shots I took. soooo happy.

r.) My dignity, along with my laundry, got locked in the laundry room at 10 PM last night. I had to use rachel's towel this morning, and I slept without pillowcases. It was a pretty odd night.

s.) It's weird to me how many people I know (or at least recognize) from working at Subway last year.

t.) Sooo happy I worked at subway last year. The way has paid me back for my low-wage servitude, many times over.

u.) Tomorrow, Thursday, just might be the busiest day of the semester. Not hard busy, just really scheduled busy.

v.) I cannot stop listening to "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson!

w.) Samson by Regina Spektor is the top played song on my ipod. Two different versions totaling 83 plays. Keep Breathing has reached 40 plays in the last week.

x.) I might be taking 18 credits next semester.

y.) I'm reeeeally excited to drive Cher when I get home.

z.) Thanks, Laina. (and nat, too. any guesses why??)


Nat Attack said...

I didn't notice this was an A-Z list until I hit Z. Booooo! I'm not so bright sometimes. :D


Lainey said...

For giving you that amazing song?

Lainey said...

Headbands hurt my head, too - it's too big. We must be smart or something.

I like busy-scheduled days. Makes time go fast and feel happy.

Bake me a cake.

I don't need anything for Christmas. Really. I don't think I have anything for you yet either. We'll give hugs!

Rachel said...

I just really really love you and Josh. You two are the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your Christmas miracle. Will you tell your laptop to help mine?

Nat Attack said...

I have NOT A CLUE why you're thanking me.

Fill me in?

onlychild09 said...

AHHH! You come home on wednesday!