Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poorness in all fields.

Guess who's home??


Honestly, I'm not sure there is any better feeling in the world than finishing finals and having NOTHING else to worry about. No better feeling in the world, except perhaps looking forward to Joshua visiting my dear home. (that's five!) And having Natalie come and live in OUR room with me. And seeing Amanda for the first time in the thousand years since my birthday.

I shadowed another dentist today, boring. I did, however, learn that there are better dentists and there are worse dentists. It's a very weird though, thinking that maybe I'm getting some pretty crap service, and this probably extends to other fields like my DOCTOR and EYE doctor. I'm pretty sure my eye doctor can't read English, now that I think about it...

Sorry, I have nothing too exciting to report or anything, I just want ya'll to know I'm alive and kicking. Minus the kicking, too tired to kick. Going to bed now.


Lainey said...

Yeah, you'll soon lose faith in the medical field all together. It REALLY DOES make a difference how good/bad your doctor, nurse, etc. is.

Rachel said...

Whoa...Josh has five whole name mentions!? He's like a real person!

I'm going to go take my last final right now and then I'll be like you! So care free and school-less!