Thursday, January 17, 2008

Quote of the month

Last night driving in the car, I explained to Joshua and Rachel that I hate driving on dark roads at night, for fear a vampire or a werewolf will run at my car and I will fly into the woods in flames. Josh's response:

"Vampires and werewolves are so afraid of me. Seriously, last year I was on the cover of Werewolf Magazine as the most terrifying human alive."


Adam and Emma said...

HAHAHA best quote ever! thanks for sharing Kendall :) I love Josh. he makes everyone smile.

Adam and Emma said...

PS we got 'ticket to ride' today we really need to play!

Manders said...

i have a fear of driving in dark fog. ghosts live in fog, you know.

goooood job joshua for being fantastic.

Lainey said...

Oh that Josh boy makes me laugh.