Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stats Lab

I'm in this really great class called Statistics, sitting in the back row and not getting an 'A'. I'm quite upset because my USB drive doesn't read on the lab computers in here, so I have no way to attempt some other homework. Buuuut I should probably be doing my stats homework anyway, considering I have a friendly TA here that is paid or getting credit to teach me. Hey! I understand what we're learning right now!

Just thought I'd check in with a little brain dump for ya'll to enjoy. My blogs have been mostly pictures lately, so here are some WORDS!

A. Nutrition is a LOT harder than I thought it was going to be.
L. Rachel's birthday is next week. We're having an 80's dance party, and your presence is required.
P. I have facebooked less in the last week than I think I ever have in my whole life. Minus when on vacation in NYC and Mexico and no internet access.
H. I am wearing khaki's today, that's how badly I need to do laundry. You know it's gotten bad when your jeans are too dirty looking to wear.
A. I'm very grateful I took anatomy and don't have to take it again.
B. In all reality, I won't get my laundry done until Saturday.
E. I have dedicated approximately 3 hours to Statistics since school started.
T. I failed my cleaning check because I didn't wipe off the wall behind the stove. Little does cleaning lady know, that grime is permanent. It's been there since the place was built in 1902.
I. Does anyone else feel like their life takes place at the library??
C. I'd be really happy if Alaina lived closer.
A. Though it's hard, Nutrition is easily becoming my favorite class.
L. I miss the days of playing basketball twice a week. I'm going through serious withdrawls.
L. I have hopefully talked Joshua into playing basketball with me tomorrow.

S. I am finally getting to the point where Friday stops meaning the weekend.
P. Thursday has been demoted to nearly my least favorite day of the week.
E. I'm supposed to study five hours a week for my New Testament class. What??
A. I took my first Chemistry quiz and did quite well.
K. I'm in love with Costco. And I don't even have a membership.
I. I like studying more when I know what I'm supposed to be learning.
N. TA just told me that pie charts are weird and dumb. I think I like this.
G. I like hanging out with my roommates (including Josh). We have fun a lot of times, especially when we get to go dancing.

Y. I want to play the piano so much, but I never have time, and I have no music.
O. Stats TA is geeky. I kind of want to set him up with a roommate.
U. Yesterday in class my foreign TA was trying to explain how to get the answer to a quiz problem, I am not an idiot, I reeeeally just don't understand accents other than american.
R. My mind is broken, I can't concentrate on anything for too long. Especially 2nd Corinthians.
E. This same foreign TA was chugging prescription cough syrup when class started.

O. In class we are now playing, "Guess what the TA is thinking"
K. Natalie, can we please talk sometime??
A. I think that my brain is handicapped because I am seriously unable to understand anything math that has to do with the giant E thing that means sum. I'm not kidding, I really don't understand.
Y. I feel guilty every time I talk to someone non-sprint before 7PM at night.


Manders said...

Your TA sounds simply splendid. And you're taking classes that I would be taking if I had a real major. I kind of want your life?

Nat Attack said...

I hear you about 3 hours on Stats. I took Stats the semester I did the Olympics--I missed a month of class and still got a B+. You'll be a rockstar.

Drat that I have no minutes and no texts. It's a pain, I tell you what. Even still, your texts are worth 10 cents!

onlychild09 said...

I totally know what you mean about your hardest class secretly being your favorite. I really do not like physics but I think the stuff I learn in there is so cool and I feel really smart once I understand it.

Rachel said...

Alphabetically speaking you're okay. That's very artsy.

My mind is broken too...I don't study in the LRC. Why did you bring me here??? And then you left!

HAhahhahha, is that why you're wearing khakis today? Because of laundry?

Goooooo Kendall and stats.

Ryan + Erica said...

I stunk at Stats! Seriously, I was so bad! And I even tried! It was the only class I got a C in. Sad story. Anyway, I'm out of clothes too and I'll be lucky if my laundry gets done before Saturday.

Lainey said...

You could come do laundry at my house if bribing works.

I'll tutor you in the basics of stats. Let's chat.

But it does take more than a few hours to do it and keep up.

I feel like a mom here.