Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bragging in its' purest form:

I'd like to inform the world that I successfully completed the task that every woman must complete to be considered a grown up. I made bread dough AND IT WORKED. It turned into some dang good flapjacks, but it just as easily could've turned into rolls or a homemade loaf of bread. Last year I tried making this very recipe three different times. I think there's something about having your own pyrex glass measuring dish that changes things up a little bit. I rock.

(That's me baking food and winning.)

Now I'm going to celebrate my grown-up status with a late night movie. This is sooo cool.


Joshua said...

The flapjacks were amazing, and the fact that we had a real life "asian" picnic in your living room was pretty sweet too. Thanks for being such a good homemaker. I love you.

Andino said...

Yum! I remember your families flap jacks. You're so cute!

Nat Attack said...

Cooking for two must be the trick to learning to love to cook.