Thursday, March 06, 2008

G2G lolz

Today I did three productive things which I will not tell you about, and one not productive thing called a chocolate sour cream cake. It was divine. Joshua tried to make me find my camera, but I'm scatterbrained and forgot and didn't take a picture of it. However, the cake was quite delicious and very very rich. It was also my first attempt at a 'from scratch' recipe AND my first ever chocolate cake. I think next time I'd make it without the matching chocolate sour cream frosting on was just a little too funky weird awesome wicked cool bad. Excellent frosting props go to my Joshua.

So ends my single week of school with no tests. I think I slacked a sufficient amount so I can feel very stressed next week for three tests. It's just, there are waaaaay too many exciting things to think about (oh dear like what?!) and I have waaay too much time to zone out and make lists in class. Just ask Joshua, I make lists upon lists upon lists. It's my favorite pastime.

I'm going to take an English class next fall. I miss my good friend, English.


Adam and Emma said...

The cake was amazing Kendall! Thank you for bringing us some. It was so pretty too! We love being the taste tester for your wonderful creations.

Manders said...

i love you a lot. please update me on your life

Lainey said...

I was a list maker once upon a time. Then children happened.

Nat Attack said...

I talked to you whilst you were making said cake. It was a lucky day.