Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hills are Alive

Does it get any better than James Taylor and Carol King? I mean, seriously! Music you can sing to, music you can kind of dance to, music that's calming and motivational and everything else you want it to be. And it's good to listen to with the parents. I grew up on listening to a Carol/James mix that either Alaina or Natalie put together for Mom. It bring such good memories. Not to mention every one of CK's songs is in my range so I can belt the lyrics to each and every song and it still sounds good! This is always a booster.

I thought you should all know that Mallory comes to visit me on Thursday. Gabbe might come on Friday. My mum and pop come next Wednesday. Natalie might come sometime. Joshua's family comes next week. Jacob and Abbey (and Ben and Max) will be in Utah next year. I have two midterms and four finals and then I'm home free.
Good life.


Lainey said...

OH I DO LOVE the Carol and James goin on! I'm glad you do too. Maybe we could be family or something.

Abbey said...

My kids and I were rockin' out to James just last night. Such great tunes. So glad your almost done with school and you get to hang out with family. We can't wait to see you guys soon!

Nat Attack said...

It's true, I might come sometime. Who the crap knows when, but sometime. Sigh.