Monday, March 17, 2008


So it's monday=beginning of the work week and you all are supposed to have written new blogs for me to read. This attempt at distraction from homework has proven useless. I'm sure at some point I'll have something interesting to read or write, but Monday has so far failed to give me any joy. Instead I'll state some pointless stuff about me!
I am in the top 2% fastest walkers on campus. Everyone walks slower than me. I must be very impatient because I'm always upset that someone is in my way on my rush to wherever I'm going. I think I need to calm down.

There are four (count it, four) weeks left of school. Four whole weeks until the two last days and then a finals week. This is a tad bit terrifying! I don't know what happened to the semester, I feel like midterms just barely started! Now I have a test each week until the last week of school when I only have to take three real finals. Ohh finals week. I think I finally understand that Finals week is super easy if you just do well for the semester. Thank you, Joshua and Alaina for your good examples.

Weekend=good. Party and two movies at Alaina's house. Joshua, Adam, and Emma came over to watch Dan in Real Life (good mooovie) and we ate ice cream and hot fudge. I'm near certain that ice cream and [homemade] hot fudge will always beat out cake and cookies. No matter what.

Red Robin with the oregon ladies this weekend was SO.MUCH.FUN.

May the next blog be more interesting,



Adam and Emma said...

yuuummm .. .. hot fudge and ice-cream= divine! I need to get Alaina's recipe!

Joshua said...

Carrot cake + cream cheese frosting = all time slayer of ice-cream and hot fudge. Period.

onlychild09 said...

Yum ice cream and hot fudge...sounds delicious. Maybe you will make it for me when I come in 10 DAYS!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

Nat Attack said...

All these comments about food are making me HUNGRY...

I want to come play at Alaina's.