Monday, April 14, 2008

Be careful, you don't want to get fined.

For all of you who are interested...
How to Kill a Jellyfish.

A little on the crazy side.

I like it.

The article has changed from approximately two days ago when I posted this link. It used to have something to do with letting a jellyfish attach to your leg then pumping it full of vinegar, now it's knife jabbing. Now I think it's a little bit too violent and not very accurate, and now perhaps has lost it's humor. This is me apologizing in case you're offended/don't find this funny. Cheers.


Andino said...

This could have come in handy all those years at Kino Bay being stung by jelly fish. Of coarse the alternative is always pee. haha. good times.

Manders said...

Haha...oh that made me laugh out loud.

Manders said...

Haha...oh that made me laugh out loud.

Joshua said...

I promise i read the article back when it was cool. Fortunately for me, i always carry a small vial of distilled vinegar around my neck.

Jan said...

Trust me...pee does not work.