Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thumb drives are dangerous.

Two little pieces of the Daily Universe to report:

I look forward to being a parent. Doesn't this sound great?

A 6-year-old boy called the police when his 9-year-old brother would not let him watch television. BYU police checked the situation to make sure the boys were supervised. Both boys were fine.

And there are a few things wrong (or is it right?) with this one:

BYU math teaching assistants called BYU police to report a male student who had recently threatened them. The student said he would pull out a female TAs hair with duct tape and would stab another TAs foot with a thumb drive to infect him with a deadly virus. BYU Police are questioning the individual.

a) As far as I know, computer viruses have not yet made the jump to humans or airborne(ness).
b) Pull out hair with duct tape? Why not your bare hands? Seems like a waste of duct tape and dollars to purchase it.
c) This boy is ultimately creepy and probably a little bit too obsessed with futuristic stuff like Star Wars and Minority Report.
d) Those were the only two movies I could think of as really futuristicy. I'm not sure if Star Wars counts though because they still lived in sand and horridness. But they did travel at light speed, dang it. If that's not futurey I just don't know what is.


ju said...

oh. my. gosh. i think this makes the list of funniest posts i've ever read.

Nat Attack said...

I love that you referenced Minority Report. Sometimes I'll drop a "Precog" into conversation and am always interested who gets it and who doesn't.

I'm going to call 911 when we're home and you won't let me watch TV. Consider yourself warned.

onlychild09 said...

I don't think we would ever stop you from watching tv. Remember how much tv kendall and I watch?

Andino said...

I read those today in the Daily Universe and it made me rethink my intentions to become a math TA. Weird creepy boys ruin everything for me.