Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wendell Whiner

.The fridges in gas stations/grocery stores/vending machines are much too warm to maintain soda at its' optimal temperature.

}Attending class within 2 hours of waking up makes me fall asleep. For some reason, it's much easier to wake up and study than wake up and go to class.
-Why does statistics take so much concentration?

4 I have had much too much candy this week, hellooooo canker sores in my mouth.

> I love to cook and bake, but buying food and stuffs costs SO MUCH MONEEEEYYYY.

* My New Testament class is abysmally hard. I can't even believe it. Religion should not be painful, at least in my world.

/Roommates are quite possibly the worst thing in the world. I'm not slamming against my roommates, I love them to death, I promise I'm not even mad. It's just insane how difficult it can sometimes be to balance 4 (or even 6!) different personalities, cleaning habits, and personal space issues, etc. And manage to come out friends on the other side. I'm pretty sure my family has done a good job of that, I plan on loving yan, rachie, and sam, (and beaki even though she's married to another man) for the rest of my life.

^I am sick of my music right now. I need something new.

+ I am really quite good at procrastinating, right now I hate this little trait of mine because I have a lot to cram into the next two days.

~General Conference weekend, you will feel so good.

3v3ry 1, pl33ze hav3 a gr8 w33k3nd. I <3 u.

(ps. Wendell is the name of the scientist who experiments with cinnamon toast crunch and how much cinnamon sugar can fit into each bite! I remember. I played with cereal boxes when I was little.)


Nat Attack said...

I hate to break it to you, but the roommate situation never gets easier. Never.

But having your own room makes a WORLD of a difference.

I kind of wish we could be roommates at home.

Manders said...

The day when we don't have to have roommates will be a lovely one. I cannot express how excited I am to get rid of most of mine.