Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One week left.

So this is what I do during the summer, to everyone who doesn't know me from last summer. I...
a) Check out updates on my Google Reader
b) Check out the new headlines on CNN
c) " on E!
d) " on
e) Complain about the weather
f) Write blogs
g) Read "Daily Humor by Giglish"
h) Get headlines from (beware it has a lot of ads and spam)
i) Look at the following food sites:
Simply Recipes
Food Network
Pampered Chef
Healthies Foods
j) Look at classes I would ever ever want to take. (
k) Read the links in my "Read to be Entertained" blog section
l) Constant re-updating myself on and E! news headlines.
m) Surf calorie contents in all kinds of foods.
n) Read craigslist free stuff, job postings, and white china ads.
o) Find blogs I've never read before
p) Google random words I don't know
q) Read books. (see: Gossip Girl)
r) Put books on hold at the library, although lately this habit isn't so good, because I reached the maximum of 10 holds and I have to wait for them to be at the library before I can check them out. This put an abrupt end to my searching.
s) Shoe shopping (online only)
t) Look up the extremely expensive places where those characters in those notsogood books shop, and then be appalled at how much everything costs.
u) homepage and everything about it. Mostly the food/nutrition/exercise pages. I like finding random workouts.
v) Constant Gmail open and sporadic chatting.
w) Try really hard not to spend money. This one takes a lot of work, but I've been pretty good about it. I have a college education to fund, so it's important I save my dollars.
x) Drink coke.
y) Read magazines and cut things out. This happens a lot. I probably have a collage of the stuff I cut out. I probably get really bored at work.
z) Talk to Josh.

Sooo I do probably everything on that list in one work day. Multiple times. a-d I do probably 10 times a day, at least. The news is the one thing that always changes, so it's entertaining to re-update myself at every possibly second. That makes me your walking, talking, news radio station. Go ahead! Ask me about the weird Austrian family, or about Mariah and Nick Cannon's relationship. I take a personal interest in J&J (John and Jen) because Joshua is the John lover and I'm the Jen lover, so they make the perfect couple. And Penn Badgley and Blake Lively (my GG stars) are the cutest couple alive. Too bad I have no faith in Hollywood, and all these lovely relationships will be dead in a couple weeks (months if we're lucky).
May we all be lucky.

Thank you, Emma, for the new food blog. I LOVE IT! and Adam, I'm sorry I have not written your blog yet. I promise it will come before 2008 is over. And I miss you guys. bye.


Andino said...

Thanks for this blog Kendall! It gives me lots of ideas of things to do at work, b/c like you I stare at a computer screen all day long.

Joshua said...

Thanks for including me on your list. I am honored to be among the likes of craigslist and E! news. i love you.

Becki said...

I appreciate this list.