Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Squigglies

I’m blogging on a word document. This is a new high (or low if you’re not a fan of the blogging) for my blogging career. I forgot how much I love that word corrects the weirdest things, and has a little red scribbley underneath all my ‘blogging’s, which, surprisingly, number four already.

I cleaned my bathroom today. By cleaned I don’t mean the usual (as in twice a summer?) windex the counters and mirrors. I mean, I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the corners and crevices and cracks everywhere in my bathroom. I doubt it’s been this clean since before old man Ash died of consumption (alcohol and the dying liver kind of consumption) in the hot tub. I had to clean it so Alaina can’t complain about it to mom and get me in trouble. Please note though, Lainy, that Adrie may die of the chemicals I used to try and make that bathroom clean enough. Please advise her not to lick the oh-so-clean floors. That kind of stuff.

The last three/four days have been very very fun. In the tradition of the Lake Oswego Stake camp girls, I went to the West Linn Old Time Fair with my Lindsey, Whitney, Rachel, Denise, Casi, and various other people. Turns out the Mormons decided to take over the fair. See picture below:

Very, very fun.

Saturday night I watched The Notebook and was inspired by Rachel McAdams sexy 40’s hair and decided I want to be her. The picture below was the end result. Monday I had curled hair pulled back into a cute ‘chiffon’/bun I love from that movie. I don’t think it was quite the same…but I felt great nonetheless. Man the 40’s was a good time for hair and dresses. If you were rich.

I’m wrapping up now, and I must remind you that Twilight and Eclipse are quite possibly the most entertaining, fascinating, and addicting books of all time. Ask Mallory and Whitney. Both of them have read all 3 books in 4 or less days. (Lindsey? You next?)

Good luck with the remainder of the week. I’ll be taking Thursday and Friday off work to go to the beach with Alaina and Adrie. Bye!

K laa

Final Count:

9 red squiggley lines

4 green ones


Nat Attack said...

I went on a huge hair kick after The Notebook -- true story. Glad to know we're on the same page!

Wish I were going to the beach with you!

Joshua said...

You gotta love Microsoft Word, and the beach.

Lindsey said...

dude ahhh i havent re-read them yet! (notice the date. its friday)
anyways i will be there tonight no doubt, with my bella love, edward obsession and jacob hot sex hate intact:)