Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrity, Celebrity, aahh

I about died from laughing so hard while I was reading this article. If you don't know who Raven Simone is, or you don't care about anything having to do with celebrities, please disregard this blog post.

Also, since I'm such a celebrity media crazy, I really like anything that Jennifer Cady writes about on E! Online. It's what I like to think I would be like if I blogged about celebrity lives for a living. (whoa, that was a lot of likes) I know you probably won't appreciate it, but us worldly folk don't get too offended by unappreciative fans.

And if you want to be, you're invited to mine and LeeAnne's birthday party on Friday night. It's Roaring Twenties themed, you must dress up, and it's in Pleasant Grove.

I had so much fun linking all those words to articles. I think I might get fired from laughing too much at work.



Joshua said...

I may not be down with celebrity gossip, but Raven is like family to me.

Mallory Jan said...

AHAHAHA oh raven. Her eyebrows were pretty bad. I actually laughed out loud a couple times.

Mallory Jan said...

PLEEEEASE write a birthday blog I am dying!