Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Confession number 30

Autumn is my favorite season.

Hands down.

I am so in love with the outside right now. I wish more than anything that I could be celebrating autumn on the East coast. The leaves are gorgeous, the weather is rainy and WONDERFUL, and it's not snowing. The weather is cold enough to wear sweaters (my favorite) but not so cold to curse winter and wearing a parka inside buildings. This is quite possibly the prettiest I have ever seen Utah. I luuuurve autumn.


Nat Attack said...

East Coast autumn wishes you were here too. STILL in the low 60's sometimes.

Mallory Jan said...

I don't like the wet. my fingers are constantly freezing. I'm trying to have a positive outlook.

erin black said...

It's tomorrow, and so much for not snowing, eh?! LOL It truly has been a gorgeous Fall. sigh. I will miss it too. Now I'm wearing a parka inside a building. :)

Alaina said...

I, too, have never seen winter so beautiful. Maybe because our 'Indian Summer' was so long the leaves stayed extra long? Anyway... We're sisters in loving Autumn, not just by blood now. What a cheesy statement. I'll stop now.

PS This movie sucks.