Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twoing my own horn

This day has been full of  crazy amounts of 2.  Things have been coming in doubles all day, and it's only 2.  IT'S ONLY 2!  That right there is magic.  And without further ado, my list of two.

I missed 2 hours of class this morning.  Joshua and I went to the gym for the second day in a row, and I heard 1, 2, 3, 4 by PWT for the 2nd time.  I went to Kohl's and bought 2 pair of shoes and 2 new towels.   I have two coke rewards to enter online.  Per the directions on my cleaner, I cleaned the kitchen counters twice (once with cleaner, once with water), and I cleaned the kitchen for the second time since I moved in.

So anyway, I'll get to some real stuff.  This week is so wonderful because we had no school on Monday.  I LOVE that moment on Sunday nights when I realize there is NO SCHOOL (or no work) the next day.  Oh my gosh, it's such a nice feeling.  To take full advantage of our school free Monday, Josh and I went and registered at our (...or my) favorite home furnishing store.  I know some think it's crazy for us to register this early, but I think it's crazy NOT to register this early when we have the time to do so.  It started us thinking about how we want to decorate and about all sorts of stuff we never considered.  And we also realized we're going to be MARRIED and living in the SAME HOUSE(apartment).  AH.  The only real downside to the registering drama is that now it's hard for me to stop thinking about all the places it'd be nice to register.  Now I must change the subject before I get sidetracked and look at my registry...


Moral of this story is that today should be Tuesday (twosday...), I like parenthesis, and engaged life is great!  Much love.


Joshua said...

I like that your parenthesis always come in pairs! I love you two.

Rachel said...

I am so glad you registered! Will you maybe hook me up with some cool free stuff?

You are a little ray of sunshine!

Emma said...

I miss you guys. We need to hang out sometime.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice blog 2 read 2day!