Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok guys, it's been a while. I figured though, since I'm studying all hard in the SWKT, I should probably ruin that by blogging and twittering my way through my last 3 hours of studying until the TC closes. Here we go:

I did something rude today. Well, kind of rude. You be the one to let me know. I suppose you could say I "stole" someone's parking spot, as much as any spot in a BYU Y Lot belongs to any person. I was cutting it pretty close to getting to class on time, and I was driving around the various parking lots looking for a spot. As soon as I left one lot I noticed someone was walking INTO the lot looking for their car, so I drove around the block to re-enter the parking lot. I did the most embarrassing logical thing to be done in the situation; I drove behind the walker to his car. Right as he was walking to his car, some guy in a white car at the end of the row talked to him, then my ped said, "I don't know, I think she's been following me." (ohmygosh embarrassing) When Ped got in his car and this guy in the white car turned on his blinker as if to say, "Oh this is my spot" where I already had my blinker on from stalking the guy! Now, this is where it gets embarrassing.

Ped pulled out of his spot conveniently so I could pull in before the tool in the white car could. The white car jerked forward when he saw I was going to pull into the spot, but I got there before he could clear Ped's car. Then he honked his horn really loud started yelling stuff like, "SERIOUSLY! YOU'RE GONNA DO THAT?!" and I rolled up the windows and turned off the car. I shouldn't have talked to him, but I said something along the lines of, "Sorry, I followed him, I got the spot" and said something about having "rights" because he sat there waiting for a spot. Then he yelled and honked while I walked away.

This is where you come in. I walked away feeling okay about my decision (because he was such a jerk about it), then I kind of wish I had gone back just to move the car. He did wait for a spot and I think I would feel the same if I were in his position. I just think it was luck though that brought my Ped to where he was waiting. So what do you think? Should he have "won" the spot? Was I vindicated in taking the spot because he was a honking moron? Should I not have written this blog at all?

Yours for discussion.


Joshua said...

I just hope that there isn't any retaliation against the car you were driving... You definitely deserved the spot. It's just karma because the other guy honked.

Alaina said...

Whew! No idea. Maybe you could write Miss Manners. Bottom line: You got a great spot, he was a jerk, you win. Now erase it from your memory :)

Erin said...

I say the spot was totally yours. The other guy just got lucky he waited in the right spot. You win! plus what a jerk ... I hate horn honkers.

Mary B said...

I say leave the decision up to Ped - who obviously gave the spot to YOU. He could've pulled out a different way, hence giving the spot to the lunatic, right? You're in the clear.

Emma said...

I agree, the Ped gave the spot to you. It was your spot! That guy was such a jerk!