Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two days!


So usually summer is my busiest time of blogging year. And by usually, I mean three to four years ago when I worked at the law firm for two summers in a row. And pretty much surfed the internet for 4 of my 7.5 hours a day. Now I sit at my sweet job at (unnamed security company) without the internet and work as fast as possible for 8 hours a day. I feel my eyesight getting worse each day.

I also never had the opportunity to post/brag about my engagement pictures. Alaina Despain took them and did an amazing job! They were posted on her blog here and here. Joshua and I love them. I can't wait to be married and have married pictures (thank you, Adrie). There are a mere 16 days left! We have an apartment to move in to and a plan to get up to Oregon. Things are going great!

In worldly news: I'm really excited for New Moon. And I wish the next Harry Potter came out at Christmas.

Kendall lee

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Nat Attack said...

I miss your posting during the summer. Remember when you were obsessed with Paris that one year and it was borderline creepy? Yah, I even miss that creep factor.

Welcome back!